Tips and Tricks for Low-Fat Cooking

Tips and tricks for lowering fat without compromising taste!

  • Substituting lower fat beef cuts for higher fat cuts can dramatically reduce fat intake. Ask your butcher for help selecting an appropriate substitute. You can also check out our guide to the 7 leanest cuts of beef.
  • Even better, substitute with Buffalo. It tastes the same and saves 8 grams of fat per 3 oz of meat!
  • Rinsing your lean hamburger can remove up to 50% more fat. See our 'how to' guide.
  • When a recipe calls for oil to braise vegetables or meats, substitute with a low-fat chicken, beef or vegetable broth instead. You can remove a lot of unnecessary fat. If you must use oil, choose olive, canola or saffola, which provide good fats.
  • Use non-fat cheese if it's mixed into your dish with other ingredients, you won't notice. We don't recommend using it to top a dish. Use a low-fat cheese as a topping.
  • Always skin the chicken. It marinates better anyway and you are removing a lot of unneeded fat!
  • Pork Loin is another great low fat choice.

Add flavor, not fat

  • Marinating in salad dressings or other high fat, oil based marinades is okay if you use a dressing or base of Canola or Olive oil. Very little, if any, fat is absorbed into the meat. The oil may create a seal around the meat locking in moisture and flavor and provide healthy fats if you use Canola or Olive oil.
  • Want to avoid oils all together? Try using dry rubs, wine based marinades with garlic and other spices, or even pineapple juice!

Great Lowfat, Whole Grain Healthy Substitutes You Will Never Notice!

Generally speaking, our group is a white bread, meat and potatoes crew. Going low fat has been quite an experience and has presented some challenges. We have palates for the bad stuff! Below are some substitutes we found that didn't change the taste or texture of our meals. We didn't even notice the change! We've listed specific brands where relevant.

Recipe Calls For: Substitutes:
Bacon Thick cut turkey bacon
Fletchers Bacon
Butter Smart Balance Margarine
Egg Egg Substitute
Egg whites only
Italian Sausage Chicken or Turkey Italian Sausage
Oil for frying Cooking Spray
Small amt of Canola or Peanut oil
Healthy oils: extra virgin olive oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil
Whipping or Heavy Cream Non-fat half and half
Evaporated skim milk
1 cup of non-fat milk + 2 Tbsp of cornstarch + 1 Tbsp of flour
White Pasta Barilla Plus
Anything made with Kamut