Once a Month cooking for real people offers tips, recipes and other helpful hints to start your own social cooking club! Freezer ready Recipes! How do I get started? What is Investment Cooking? Have you read through some of those Once a Month Cooking or Investment Cooking websites??!

Days of planning, shopping and a full weekend of cooking? Who has time for all that? And even if you did, who would want to spend that time cooking! Not us.

The typical family today is busy. Crazy busy. If you're anything like us, you spend too much eating out or eat a lot of processed meals on those hectic weeknights.

Miss eating home cooked meals at least once in a while? We have the answer! Our Once A Month Cooking method is easy, managable, and yes, in the right company, even fun! It provides you with good old fashioned home cooked meals, cutting down on the eating out and the convenience meals, if not completely eliminating them.

Our website will guide you through the steps of setting up your own Once A Month Cooking plan, provide you with some great basic information about freezing foods and get you started with some freezer ready recipes. We also are focused on low-fat, healthy meals.

We hope you find our site helpful!

Jenn, Chris and Tessa

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